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Final Fantasy XIV Details Empyreum Housing Lottery Process and Major Changes to the Overall Process

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With the news that Final Fantasy XIV will open a brand new residential district, there are now details on the housing lottery for Empyreum that will be live when patch 6.1 hits. There are also some new changes to the process in general.

Empyreum will have 48 available wards divided into 24 main and 24 subdivision. This new area will begin a housing lottery with the release of patch 6.1. Because land and housing are such a premium in the game, there have been different rules in the past governing housing lotteries and cells but this time it seems that Square Enix is trying to make things clearer and more consistent. From this housing lottery forward, all land that will become available for purchase will be subject to the lottery system.

Previously, sometimes obtaining a plot was a matter of simple first-come-first-served patience, but making everything subject to a lottery will make it consistent and also not have players have to camp out for their desired location. Another change is that all land plots will retain their initial value instead of decreasing over time as they used to. This also means that relocation refunds will change as well for those who are able to secure a new plot.

Entering the housing lottery will work on a nine-day cycle with the first five days being the entry period and the last four days being the result and claim period. You can enter as a private buyer or as a representative of your Free Company. There are several qualifications for each buyer type, but if you meet those you'll be able to enter the lottery and wait until the winners are determined. If you win, you'll then be able to claim and finalize the purchase.

For the full details, including the new changes that will be in place for the upcoming Empyreum housing lottery, head to Final Fantasy XIV.


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