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Final Fantasy XIV Data Center Travel Holds Stably, as Demand Rises And Team Proceeds Carefully

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The Final Fantasy XIV team has an update on the recent work to stabilize and support the new Data Center Travel feature. Initial data is good,  and demand even grew, but they’re going to handle things carefully.

According to the update, 

“We have completed the countermeasures against Data Center Travel load with Patch 6.18 HotFixes on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Since then, we have confirmed that the number of users has been steadily increasing and the system is operating stably without experiencing a high load. However, as the number of users is expected to increase over the weekend, we will continue monitoring until the end of the week to make sure that the system can continue to operate stably past the weekend.”

With their caution since the feature was released to such high initial demand, this makes sense. They’ve worked on making things stable, and the data of a weekend of busy servers is going to tell a lot. Yet, there’s another reason for their caution. The Data Center Travel feature is built on the same structure as Home World Transfer. Since there was a scheduled data center expansion coming, all Home World Transfers (server transfers) have been unavailable since June 27th. over 15,000 requests per minute

Initially, the plan was to completely upgrade and open the new data centers, and then do some passes to make sure everything was stable before reopening the transfer service. Since the  data center travel was so in demand even on day one, with  coming in, this hasn't reopened yet.

Since the team is going to wait until at least the weekend data comes in, there's still no word for a reopening date on server transfers. With Data Center Travel seemingly stable, you can at least go play with friends on other servers you might have been considering a transfer to for now.

Read the full update over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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