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Final Fantasy XIV Clarifies Empyreum Housing Lottery Policies Following Community Feedback

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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After sharing the procedure for housing lotteries going forward for Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is now clarifying certain rules after receiving questions from the community.

There’s already much anticipation for housing plots about to be sold when the Empyreum residential section opens with 6.1’s arrival. One of the questions answered covered whether you can apply for a plot as both private and as a representative of a free company. You can only apply for one plot, so you'll have to pick what suits your needs best.

Other questions came  about the 30-day membership requirement for a free company, which must have 4 members  at minimum. If you add members to meet the number requirement, only the ones who've been members for at least 30 days will be able to submit bids for a plot. It also applies to Free Company Masters. Should multiple members enter the free company lottery and win the opportunity to purchase different plots, you'll have to choose one of the plots and then complete the purchase. Because you can only pick one plot, The other members won't be able to make a claim so they will forfeit 50% of their bids as a cancellation fee.

If multiple free company members apply to win a single plot and someone wins, only the member with the winning number can make the claim and purchase  because all lottery numbers are unique. In this case, any remaining members will be counted as not having won and receive 100% of their bids back.

When it comes to Home World transfers, lottery entries are valid within the world in which they are submitted, so if you decide to transfer during the nine-day lottery period, you'll have to wait until the next lottery in order to participate on your new server.

For more on the details, including all the new Q&A update, head over to Final Fantasy XIV. 


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