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Final Fantasy XIV Certainly Has Some Interesting Tie-Ins

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy has always had some weird tie-ins, most prominently the Coleman camping supplies and Cup of Noodles in Final Fantasy XV. However, Final Fantasy XIV might just have beaten those seemingly bizarre product placements. 

First, this one is actually pretty cool. Via a report by MMO Culture, Australian Final Fantasy XIV fans have a chance to sport hairstyles that are inspired by a series known for its wacky hair. Australian hair salon Moe & Co. has teamed up with Square Enix to give fans a chance to win a limited edition PlayStation 4 as well as a complete copy of Final Fantasy XIV on PS4. According to the Moe & Co. Facebook page, contestants merely need to head down to the salon and get their FFXIV inspired haircut and upload a selfie with the hashtag #moeandcopeople.

Competition will close on July 25th, so it's closing soon! 

In China, fans are clamoring to KFC in order to earn the Fat Black Chocobo mount. It's rather simply, really: you need to buy and eat a family deal for four. Sounds simple enough. You have to eat everything dine-in to prove you've eaten the whole meal before the staff will give you the code. 

Thanks to Redditor u/CozyWolf (via PCGamer), we know what's in this meal per person:

  • 1 Double Chicken Burger
  • 1 Vegan Mushroom Burger
  • 1 5-piece Chicken Nuggets
  • 2 Original Recipe Chicken
  • 1 2-piece New Orland Chicken Wings
  • 1 Old Beijing Spicy Duck Roll
  • 2 Pepsi (Large)
  • 2 Peach Oolong Tea (Large)

There are four servings each of the above list, and each person has to finish this to earn a single code


PCGamer has a full write up of this outrageous challenge, which is made all the more entertaining as fans are treating this as a raid. You can check out images of what the meals look like to decide for yourself whether you would be willing to take this on here. 



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