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Final Fantasy XIV Buried Memory Preliminary Patch Notes Released With Details on Island Sanctuary and More

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With Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming Buried Memory patch coming on August 23rd, Square Enix has decided to release the preliminary patch notes to give insight into all the things coming in this next content update.

Of course, with a game like Final Fantasy XIV, you should expect lots of new quest content and story content. In fact, the only Quest we get any real details for is the First new one that requires you to be level 90, but all of the rest our secret, letting all players discover the story as they can play through it. There are nine new main scenario quests. 

There are also several Chronicles of a New Era quests, also mostly secret in the notes. There are six of these coming, under Pandaemonium.The quest content doesn’t stop there because there are also new side story quests in the form of an update to Tataru’s Grand Endeavour. Beast Tribe Quests are now called Tribal Quests. Also, there are some changes to both content and prerequisites for some quests.

Aside from quests, one of the main features in the update will be the introduction of Island Sanctuary. This new feature (for those who have completed Endwalker) lets you create your personal getaway on a tropical island, collecting resources and building, as well as farming and raising animals. There are lots of details in the notes about just what you can expect and how to do it on your new island. You can also let up to 40 of your minions roam around your island. You can also open your island to visitors of your choosing.

There's also the new dungeon, The Fell Court of Troia, a brand new Trial, the new raid dungeon Pandaemonium: Abyssos, and much more, and you can read all about the coming changes in the patch notes over at Final Fantasy XIV. 

While these are being called preliminary notes, and are of course subject to change before the update goes live, they're very thorough so you should expect most of this to happen soon. 


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