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Final Fantasy XIV Brings Back the Moogle Treasure Trove Ahead of 6.3 in January

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With the next full update, 6.3, set for release sometime in January, Final Fantasy XIV is bringing back Moogle Treasure Trove next week, until that patch is out. This will help fill the time, along with the remaining days of the free return time, and holiday event to come too.

The event returns on December 12th at 12 AM PST, and will run until whenever 6.3 is out. Once that maintenance begins, Moogle Treasure Trove will end. But until then, get ready to complete tasks, earn some Tomestones, and exchange them with the entrepreneurial itinerant Moogles.

Once things get underway, there will be Duties with Moogle icons in the Duty Finder. Find them, complete them, and reap your rewards of Tomestones. Different objectives will give different numbers of stones, so it will take some dedication to get the good stuff in the exchange. Rewards range from two Irregular Tomestones of Creation to seven of them. If you’re really looking to score, then you need to be geared, skilled up, and ready for raids like lvl 60 dun Scaith or The Praetorium lvl 50 dungeon. Some events will reward either threestones or five stones.

There will be three Trials awarding two stones each if you’re looking for a way in before broadening the challenges you decide to take on. Ultimately, you will be able to trade stones for rewards, with the top reward, the  Namazu Neckerchief, costing 100 stones. Other rewards include books, music rolls, mounts, and decoration items.

The start date coincides with the start of the  final four days of the free return event, where those with inactive accounts can return for four days of in-game time for free. If you haven't yet use up your 4 days of free play time, maybe the Moogles will be convincing enough to get you back. 

For more on the event, read the announcement at Final Fantasy XIV.


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