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Final Fantasy XIV Bans Cheaters, Endwalker Producer's Letter is Tonight

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The Final Fantasy XIV  Endwalker expansion is coming out this month, and the new Producer’s Letter stream is this evening. Before we can get into details on what we’re anticipating, there is also news of cleanup under new policies targeting RMT and spam.

Last week, the Final Fantasy XIV  team announced that there were some changes to to the user policy agreement in order to combat real money trading (RMT) in addition to other player behaviors that ruin the game for others. There’s a new update now showing how many bans and sanctions were issued since the policy changes went into place.

From October 28 through November 3, a total of 5734 accounts were banned for participation in RMT activities, and six accounts were temporarily suspended for the same violations. In addition, RMT advertising resulted in the banning of 1,332 accounts. The FFXIV team will continue watching and going through player reports.

Selling and RMT is nothing new in the MMORPG genre but other games have also been stepping it up too. Amazon‘s latest update for New World added some updates intended to cut down on chat spam for gold sellers, as well as making it harder for duplicating accounts, bot accounts, and adjustments to mean early game gold earnings were distributed away from the earlier parts of the storyline.

The Producer’s Letter for Endwalker promises to be a huge one, since the expansion is out in just about two weeks. So what can we expect? There will be new information about crafting and gathering, system updates, a dive into what to expect from new PVP, and other updates. You can stream the event live starting at 7 PM Pacific time or 10 PM Eastern. For details on where to watch, see this announcement on the Final Fantasy XIV site.


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