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Final Fantasy XIV Announces Return of Moogle Treasure Trove, Reopens Server Transfers After Test

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After applying a hotfix intended to further stabilize the servers and support the demand brought on by the new Data Center Travel feature, the Final Fantasy XIV team decided to monitor demand and resources through this past weekend to be sure everything remained stable, even with an increase in requests. Things did remain stable, so the team decided to reopen Home World Transfers once again. They did, and then that had to be temporarily suspended for a short time.

After being closed for several weeks ahead of the data center expansions and new and swapped servers on the centers in Japan and Europe, the arrival of Data Center Travel and its server-overwhelming demand made it a priority to fix and pushed back any server transfers from reopening. Those Home World transfers were reopened at 12 AM PT, but  a notice regarding technical difficulties was posted and the service was unavailable.

The good news is that this downtime was brief, lasting for about 75 minutes. Another notice was posted that things were up, the issue had been addressed, and transfers were once again available.

This now means that both Data Center Travel and Home World Transfer features are both now open. Resuming server transfers also means that some players that are eligible for free transfers in Europe and Japan can take advantage of those.

Now that these technical issues have been taken care of and things seem more stable, Final Fantasy XIV is also getting ready for the return of the Moogle Treasure Trove event next week. Beginning on July 25th, collecting irregular tomestones of verity by completing tasks can get you rewards, including some new items for this event. Just exchange them with ready Moogles.

Some of the activities to get tomestones include completing raids, PvP challenges, dungeons, trials, and more, each awarding different numbers of tomestones.

For more on the event, see the announcement over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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