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Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event, 'Nocturne for Heroes' Returns Next Week

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Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV are once again setting up their collaboration event, “A Nocturne for Heroes”, starting next week.

The event returns for the first time since 2021, and features Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis, who turns up needing some help. The event story begins, however, with rumors that The Raven reporter Kipih Jakkya is investigating about a mysterious vehicle and a man in black. As you start investigating this mysterious vehicle, you find Noctis. 

This year, the event will begin on February 28th and run through March 13th.

When the event was first run back in 2019, it was the first time anyone had a chance at a four-seat mount,The Regalia. Now you have a chance of getting it again by participating in the quest, assisting Noctis and battling alongside him. Solve the mystery and get rewarded.

Other rewards include Noctis’ hairstyle as a customization unlock, an outfit, a special five-star Legendary Noctis Triple Triad card and orchestrion rolls with Final Fantasy XV music.

Since this is a returning event, you have a choice if you want to play through it all over again. If you still have some unfinished goals left in your Journal, however, you'll have a chance to complete it this time. Finish all the quests within the event. and you should be able to finally get your hands on the rewards.

If you completed this event before, you can use the Seasonal Event Replay feature and it will allow you to play through the entire event again. Just note that you won’t be able to get event items using this feature. If you have completed the event before, you should already be able to travel through Eorzea via your sweet car.

See more details over at Final Fantasy XIV.


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