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Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 Buried Memory Coming August 23rd

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As revealed today, Final Fantasy XIV’s next update, Buried Memory, will arrive on August 23rd. 

Update 6.2 will bring new main scenario quests, with the story continuing, new side story quests, a new trial, new dungeon, a new 8-player raid, new Unreal Trial, PVP updates, and more. The Duty Support feature and a reworked Steps of the Faith trial will be coming for the solo player experience.

The Letter from the Producer broadcast also showed off the Island Sanctuary feature. This anticipated feature is designed as a relaxing option for players to take on casual solo content, build a farm on a deserted island, gather materials and build, care for creatures, and even invite friends. The feature has been compared to games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, but it feels like a comfortable fit in Final Fantasy XIV.  

This is a typically packed update, and those who are thirsty for new quest content should be pleased. Additionally, those looking for challenges might find them in the new Fell Court of Troia dungeon, new Trial, or the 8 player raid, Pandaemonium: Abyssus, which will arrive first in Normal difficulty and one week later, in Savage difficulty. Savage will up the difficulty with mechanics like no AoE indicators.

The broadcast also looked ahead, with details on future update 6.25. This will feature new side story quests (Somehow Further Hildebrand), new weapon enhancement quests, new tribal quests, and two dungeon content updates. Variant Dungeons will be variable difficulty dungeon content for 1-4 players, with paths shaped by party size and player actions in the dungeon. 

On the other hand, Criterion Dungeons will be high-difficulty content for four players. They’ll feature enemies from the Variant dungeons but they will have a set route with their own set of rules and characteristics and two difficulty options.

For more on the update, head to the Final Fantasy XIV Buried Memory minisite.


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