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Final Fantasy XIV 6.18 Launches, Data Center Travel Feature Overwhelmed By Demand

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Update 6.18 is here for Final Fantasy XIV, bringing new features including Data Center Travel, data center expansions in Japan and Europe along with new servers, and updates to PVP balance. The update opens season 2 of The Crystalline Conflict. Data Center Travel proved such an in-demand feature, that the volume of requests overwhelmed the system, and Square Enix has already temporarily suspended access.

With the addition of new data centers in Europe and Japan, along with new and some reshuffled servers, the Data Center Travel feature was finally able to be added. Yet, previously, concerns over capacity affected the rollout of the feature, and demand upon release showed that there were already many players who wanted to go play along with friends located elsewhere. “We have received over 15,000 visit requests per minute and confirmed that the servers are unable to keep up with the high server load,” read one update. The feature has been temporarily suspended with the plan to gradually reopen access, but no word yet on a schedule.

Pandæmonium: Asphodelos (Savage) has gotten some changes, with the weekly entrance restriction and rewards have been removed. If you want to take on the challenge, you can now head to any circle you want. 

Crystalline Conflict season two is now open, with the top 100 ranked from season one to get vouchers for rewards. If you participated in the first season, you’ll get a placement five risers above your final placement to start the new season. Also in PvP are a number of job balance changes affecting PvP only.

When it comes to Data Center Travel, there’s still a list of rules and what will and won’t carry over if you’re the traveler. It’s a good way to prepare for access to be restored and get you ready for hanging out and adventuring with friends. For this and more, head over to Final Fantasy XIV for the full patch notes.


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