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Final Fantasy XI's Winter Campaigns Start November 11

There are quite a few

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Winter campaigns are set to begin on November 11 in Final Fantasy XI bringing about new challenges.

The campaigns will kick off on November 11 at 12a PST and run through November 30 at 6:59a. Several campaigns are planned. These campaigns include:

  • Increased Seal and Crest Drop Rate Campaign
  • Additional Seal Battlefield Spoils Campaign
  • Abyssea Campaign
  • Mog Gardens Campaign
  • Voidwatch Campaign
  • Reisenjima Geas Fete Equipment Campaign
  • Special Dial Campaign
  • Monster Rearing Campaign
  • Combat and Magic Skill Increase Campaign
  • Ambuscade Gallantry Campaign

Yeah that’s quite a few. Some of these are pretty straightforward, while others are not. For example, the Abyssea Campaign will increase the light values of pearlescent, azure, golden, and silver auras. Also, you’ll be able to find a blue treasure chest hear Horst in Port Jeuno H-8. If you open that chest, you can grab one of the following:

  • Eleven varieties of Atma
  • One Lunar Abyssite key item
  • 100,000 cruor

You can learn more about these campaigns here.


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