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Final Fantasy XI's 'Beat the Heat' Campaign Starts June 11

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest campaign for Final Fantasy XI, called Beat the Heat, begins June 11.

The event is set to run through June 30 at 7:59a PDT. Billed as an equipment booster campaign, several drop rates and rewards are addressed. For example, seal and crest drop rates will be increased. Additionally, defeating certain monsters will net you certain items, material, and more required to craft +2 empyrean equipment.

Delve will receive adjustments as well, yielding double Mweya Plasm. Additionally, all Walk of Echoes content will be Surge Walks during this event. When you complete Records of Eminence objectives and defeat monsters, your unity accolades will be doubled.

Furthermore, entering Dynamis will automatically yield you all granules of time types. Perhaps most importantly, the chocobo digging skill will have a higher chance of increasing every time you dig with your chocobo.

You can check out the full event details here.


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