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Final Fantasy XI Winter Warm-Up Events Announced, New Update Coming Early February

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Final Fantasy XI will get its next update in early February. That will bring a new chapter in the Voracious Resurgence storyline, an increase to the master level cap, and the monthly rotations. Until we have more info on that though, we do have events taking place.

The Winter Warm-Up campaign begins February 12th and will last through February 28th. For this campaign, you'll be able to participate in several events and bonus offerings like the Mog Gardens campaign, the Alter Ego Expo, the Chocobo digging skill increase campaign, and Ambuscade Gallantry campaign. There will also be a special Valentine's campaign from February 8th through February 16th.

For the Valentine's campaign, find moogles across the map in order to help some find their special someone. If you can help the moogles in their goals, you can claim special rewards. Also in the campaign is a mini game to help chocobos find mates. If you can help these birds find their own special someones, you can walk away with a tender bouquet or other rewards.

Mog Gardens will have several changes for the campaign, from different items washing ashore, double shining stars received when entering the gardens, and several additional items being sold. The Alter Ego Expo will let you get special bonuses for summoning alter egos. If you do summon one, they will have maximum HP end MP increased by 50%. They will also all have stronger resistance to status ailments. The Double Unity Accolade campaign will reward double games from record of eminence of directives and slay monsters. Chocobo digging during the campaign will be more likely to go up every time you dig.

The new update with the continued story is set to be added in early February, but it seems like there will still be plenty to do and take advantage of throughout the month. With the master level cap also increasing with the update, bonuses may even be sweeter right now. For the full events schedule, see the announcement over at Final Fantasy XI.


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