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Final Fantasy XI Update Will Continue the Voracious Resurgence, Add Storage, and Up the Master Level Cap

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Final Fantasy XI Is getting its next update this Thursday,  February 10th. This update includes an expansion to storage systems, the next chapter of the Voracious Resurgence content, a Master Level cap increase, and more.

Expansion to the storage system is going to start with the addition of Mog Wardrobe slots. The Mog Wardrobe is available as a premium service,  so if you feel that extra storage would be useful, it might be in your interest to sign up. Outside of this, they are also increasing the space in the macro book and will increase the number of available equipment sets along with some UI adjustments that should help. Those changes will be in effect for all players.

After a wait, chapter 7 of the Voracious Resurgence storyline is almost here, with a trip back to Bastok in this chapter. Catch up on the previous chapters if you haven’t already and get ready to begin to answer the question as to what Uran-Mafran is doing. The advancement of the storyline content will also come with promised twists and turns.

Also in the update will be an increase in the Master Level cap, which will go from 20 to 30. These levels are designed to be a challenge, so they’ll require more exemplar points than prior levels to increase. The team is looking at ways to make sure the effort needed to grind out the additional points is something players can actually accomplish. Producer Akihiko Matsui’s update says to treat it “like a marathon rather than a sprint”, but that there will be potential adjustments like adding additional areas to grind. Nothing is set yet though, so we’ll see the cap go up first.

There are new battles for the Ambuscades in the update as well. Both Normal and Intense get some of the fun, with new battles. Intense puts you up against a corse, and Normal will have you face a Taurus..

For more details, see the announcement over at Final Fantasy XI.


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