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Final Fantasy XI - September Dev Digest and Full Events Slate

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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September in Final Fantasy XI features a new update, a video dev diary, and lots of rewards to get your hands on in the latest login campaign, as well as some in-game events to keep you busy.

First, there’s a new dev digest video. In the video, producers talk about the new update, including the Voracious Resurgence content, as well as detailing The Art of Vana’diel for the long running MMO. There’s also confirmation that the team is looking at design options for increased storage and what that will look like in a future update.

The September update continues the Voracious Resurgence storyline, which is now in its fifth part. Some of the additions include a new entry in the storyline. Grab the new quest from Tateeya, who awaits in Aht Urhgan Whitegate after you complete the Revelation. Then continue on with the new content after Tateeya's quest.

Monthly objectives and enemy spawns have also been refreshed, along with some returning events for the month. Blazing Buffaloes will run through September 21st at 7:59AM PDT. Wild buffalo spawns all over Vana'diel are up for the gathering. Bring them to the moogles and get some loot like the buffalo Cap, Drover's Belt, and other items. 

Day of the Shadow Lord runs through September 30th and invited you to the Shadow Lord Battle battlefield. Win and get a shot at the Shadow Lord's greatsword, Lament or other swords, Nihility and Extinction. 

There's an equipment boosting campaign from Monday September 13 through September 30th. Increased drop rates for seals, crests, items, and other bonuses will make player journeys a little easier. 

Finally, log in every day in September and get points you can trade for loot including the Cancrine Apron.The login campaign runs from September 10-October 2 at 7am PDT.  For more, be sure to visit the Final Fantasy XI site.



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