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Final Fantasy XI June Update Coming Next Week With New Quests and the Sunshine Seeker Event Returns

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Coming off the 20th Vana’versary last month, Final Fantasy XI now has a date and details for its June update. The game will also mark the Sunshine Seeker event starting next week.

After marking the occasion of 20 years since the original Japanese launch with a special broadcast and community features, now it’s back for a new update. Producer Akihiko Matsui details what we can expect this month when the update launches on June 10th.

For those following the story, The Voracious Resurgence continues in chapter 8 with all new quests. The monthly rotations are also included, like Records of Eminence with updated objectives and Ambuscade. For the latter, monsters and rewards are both updated. You can also expect a couple of new titles in June too, along with new recipes, and new items.

A few features will see some adjustments to combat and tasks. For Master Level, the promised level cap increase will arrive. For Domain Invasion, there is a targeted change to the Spike Flail ability that certain wyrms use. This change will not affect those outside of Domain Invasion.

The Sunshine Seeker event begins on June 13th at 1AM PDT and runs until Monday June 27that 7:59 AM PDT. During this event, your task will be to retrieve shards of sunshine. When you are participating in the event you will find that you are reduced to level one for the duration. Collect as many shards as you can in the 3-minute time limit and avoid being attacked by the creatures in the area. If any of them attack you, there will be a penalty. This could mean losing shards, losing time, or suffering a decrease to movement speed. Once the timer is up you can trade shards for rewards.

For more on the event, see the announcement at Final Fantasy XI.


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