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Final Fantasy XI Is Getting A New Battlefield In Its July Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy XI is gearing up for its July update, bringing with it a new high-tier battlfield to the aging MMO. The update, which should hit on July 12th, brings performance tweaks and more as well.

The new battlefields, which the team states they don't want to "lift the curtain on your foe's identity just yet," will see players earning new rewards for those who complete the challenges within the content. Additionally, Expert Ambuscades will see Sahagin return, though the normal Ambuscades will have players fending off against mushrooms. 

Yes, 'shrooms.

There are also updates coming to Odyssey as the team has fixed a bug that had some of the pricing incorrectly set. 

"Vendor prices fluctuate for particular shops based on your progression in Odyssey, and certain items improperly did not have the correct minimum price set. As such it was possible to purchase certain non-limited items and sell them elsewhere to make a profit. It [is] undesirable for such large amounts of gil to circulate throughout the economic, so we set an appropriate limit on vendor prices as needed.We know that many of you have used this shop as one of the best places to vendor items in Vana’diel—whether or not those items were included in this recent fix—and we also consider this to be unintended behavior. In light of this and other concerns about the effect on the economy, disruptions to player convenience, and the fact that players were improperly using this vendor to generate large amounts of gil, we reserve the right to make additional changes going forward."

Finally, players should see some performance gains with the update as the team is tweaking the back-end to improve performance as well as game controls. You can check out the full update details on the FFXI forums. 


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