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Final Fantasy XI Delays New Voracious Resurgence Chapter to April

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The March update for Final Fantasy XI is changing directions just a little bit. While the team is approaching plans for the game's 20th anniversary,  they also need a little bit more time to  release the next part of the Voracious Resurgence. 

The Voracious Resurgence chapter 7 will continue in April instead of March, but there are a number of events and new spins on the usual rotations happening already this month. The development team encountered some unexpected bugs and determined that the best approach to delivering a quality experience was to push it back just a little longer than expected.

The latest version starts with Ambuscade, with the first part being a battle against Antica and volume two, a version of the Treant battle. Be prepared to take on a remixed treant battle, with adjusted mechanics and lower boss HP. This should make things more doable and fun. One of the changes is to the boss’s ability Chelate, which consumes food buffs. Players that use alter egos as tanks will be in good shape, since when Chelate now hits an alter ego, there will be a bonus as long as you, the controlling player, is currently holding a food buff of any kind. 

Rotations to the objectives for Record of Eminence are also in the update, as well as monster spawn changes and the level difference penalty removed in certain areas. Details on these changes include opening a previously blocked location in Crawler’s Nest and adding some monsters that you can get exemplar points and job points from. These are intentionally a bit easier this time around, with the hopes of making this a welcome camp point for more players.

The game will also get some returning events this week, with the Double Simulacra Segment Campaign, Delve Campaign -PLUS!, Surge Walk, Adoulin Dial, and Skirmish Frenzy Campaign - PLUS! and several others starting on Saturday and running through the end of March.

For more on the events, see the announcement over at Final Fantasy XI.


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