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Final Fantasy XI Continues the Voracious Resurgence in April, Tweaks Ambuscades, and Plans for Events

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 April is coming fast,  and now we have details from Akihiko Matsui on Final Fantasy XI’s April update and events. April's update features part 2 of the Voracious Resurgence chapter 7, which was originally scheduled for release in March before being delayed, monthly rotations, some changes and improvements, as well as preparation for the 20th anniversary.

The Voracious Resurgence update with new quests to continue the storyline is the centerpiece of this update, along with the monthly rotations like the Records of Eminence, along with new objectives. Both of April’s Ambuscades, Quadav and beast battles, are returning, so you’ll find the monsters and rewards  familiar if you've been playing consistently. Yet each of them have gotten some adjustments.

For Quadav, these include lowering the difficulty a little bit by increasing the delay between certain abilities and making spawns less frequent. In the beast battles, the beasts will start asleep but they'll wake up at set timing so you'll need to prepare your strategy. Additional challenge comes as living monsters will absorb powers of the ones you've slain so killing them in order of appearance might not necessarily be the right call.

They also plan to add new items, and new supported items for the Porter Moogle.

There’s going to be a revamp of the A.M.A.N. Trove, with multiple changes. The highlight will be the addition of new equipment that will only be available in the A. M. A. N. Trove.  this will be exclusive and their attributes will be different than most items that they have, end Square Enix is not ready to reveal just what that is yet, but Matsui says “ we’re sure that you’ll have a good time figuring out how best to utilize their various niches”. 

Because this May is the 20th Vana’versary, there will also be a special edition of the We are Vana’Diel series in April in the run up to the big anniversary plans.

Head here to read the full letter on Final Fantasy XI’s plans for April.


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