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Final Fantasy XI Continues the Voracious Resurgence and Brings the Ixion Mount

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Final Fantasy XI has a new November update that continues the Voracious Resurgence, and features some new battle content and event.

Chapter 10, part one  of the Voracious Resurgence story continues with the beastmen trapped. They’re unable to resist or get out, so they’ll need some help. This is, of course, where you’ll come in. This update brings new quest content and additional adventure for the Destiny Destroyers. As noted, this is just the first part of this content. According to Producer Matsui, the journey will continue in Bastok this time.

Also this month in Sortie, there will be some enemies that the team was previously forced to postpone adding. So, while there was a new section that did already arrive, maybe some new enemies to beat will be tempting to challenge. There are also new treasure coffers and rewards too.

There’s a special event and battle content. A Challenge From Lion! returns, Give me everyone another chance to overcome and succeed in trials posed by Lion, who is, if you've forgotten, your ally against the Shadow Lord. Lion and her own allies will set up a series of challenges and if you succeed, expect some rewards, including new ones for this returning event. One of the new rewards is a sheet of character selection tunes, which is a key item that if you get it, will  let your orchestrion play music that is originally found on the race selection screen as part of the character creation process.

November also has a login campaign running from now through December 2nd at 6 a.m. Pacific Time. Log in every day and you can get points and eventually exchange them for in-game items. One of the new items is the Ixion mount, which finally arrives in FFXI. Final Fantasy XIV players should remember this one. 

For more details, head to Final Fantasy XI.


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