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Final Fantasy VII Remake Art Shared, Devs Share Insight Into Development

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New artwork and details were shared for the Final Fantasy VII Remake currently in development.

The official Twitter handle posted a few new pictures while linking to the blog post which provided more details. Much has been said about the visual overhaul, with Shintaro Takai, Graphics and VFX Director, sharing the following,

“Near the final stages of development, when I finally tried playing the test version, I remember being surprised by the graphics and the depth of the story, as well as how fully realized it was, and I remember enjoying the game as a player. It’s been 22 years after that, and I’m participating in the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE project as a developer, and today, I’m able to experience the impact and fun similar to that of the previous title.”

He expounded on the visual overhaul for the remake,

“Among the many major games that are celebrated for their photorealistic graphics, FINAL FANTASY VII is a little different. Not only is it realistic, but I believe you’ll notice that it incorporates “playfulness” in the design and colours for an originality not found in other games. Effects are an area that is particularly conducive to expressing various elements of ‘playfulness.’”

The environment is another area which received an overhaul. Takako Miyake, Environment Director, shared some insight into creating the backdrop for the story in the Midgar storyline,

“Additionally, in order to create a fitting backdrop for the drama unfolding around the main characters, and in order for it to be a stage where the various characters living in Midgar can be their vibrant selves, all of teams, including the environments section, came up with ideas and worked collaboratively. Midgar is a closed city. However, I would be very happy if by experiencing the drama unfolding around its residents and the main characters who go through it, you feel as though Midgar actually exists.”

The blog post goes into greater detail, interviewing quite a few members of the development team. It’s a fascinating read providing some great insight into the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game releases on PS4 on March 3, 2020.


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