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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth to Release on PlayStation 5 in Early 2024, With Physical Release on Two Discs

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is coming to PlayStation 5 in early 2024 “on 2 discs”, Square Enix announced to close out Summer Game Fest.

The game got a special new trailer after numerous rumors and fans wondering just when the next chapter would arrive. Some hoped that Square Enix might have something at Summer Game Fest, and that wish came true. 

In the trailer, we see things pick up after the devastation at the conclusion of the first entry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The team escapes from Midgar and the pursuit of Sephiroth begins. Cloud is motivated to solve some big mysteries, while his presence also inspires others. 

The trailer lays out what's ahead for this second in a planned trilogy to remake the original game. It also confirms the presence of Yuffie and Red XIII as playable characters, and some of the many mysteries that lie ahead. Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura released a statement to accompany the trailer, saying that:

“Take a look at our previously posted Q&A alongside it for a better understanding of the trailer content. All the latest information will be shared [on the Final Fantasy VII account]”.

The remake made a huge splash when the first game was released back in 2020, and the third one is already in production. The release of this second part on two discs for the physical edition is a bit nostalgic, back to when Final Fantasy games used to release on multiple discs back in the day. Clearly, this one will be huge.

 Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be out sometime in early 2024. 


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