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Final Fantasy 14's Patch 5.55, Official PS5 Launch On May 25th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It was a very busy weekend if you are a Final Fantasy 14 fan, with the Digital FanFest taking place on Friday and Saturday nights. While we now know the official launch date for Endwalker, there is a lot of time between now and November 23rd. Thankfully, Square Enix announced the dates players can dive into the continuing story of FFXIV: May 25th.

Patch 5.55, which was broken down during this weekend's Letter from the Producer LIVE, will be coming on May 25th, alongside additions to not just the main scenario quest, but also the alliance Nier-inspired raid and Save the Queen questlines. Over the weekend, the team at Square Enix detailed some of what players can expect with Patch 5.55, including a new field area, Zadnor, as well as an boosted rank cap of 25. 

The years-long Hydaelyn and Zodiark storyline is heading towards its conclusion with Endwalker, with  Patch 5.55 continuing that storyline towards its conclusion. In fact, Patch 5.55 will be the last major update heading into Endwalker on November 23rd. 

Interestingly, the May 25th date also coincides with the "official" launch of  Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers on PlayStation 5. While the PS5 version has been in open beta since April, the official launch comes date and day with Patch 5.55. As a refresher, the PS5 version sees faster loading times, 4K support, updated UI and more. Check out our thoughts on the PS5 version fresh off the beta launch for more info.

Over the weekend, Final Fantasy XIV's developers hosted their Digital FanFestival, announcing more details for Endwalker, the next expansion for the MMORPG. The second class was fully revealed, the Reaper, bringing another melee-DPS class to the mix, though this time summoning Personas. New areas were fully revealed, including the zone on the moon, ominously named Mare Lamentorum, as well as some of the new tribes you'll see in Endwalker

Most importantly, we know now when Endwalker will release, coming on November 23rd. In case you missed this weekend's announcements, check out our post here. The latest Live Letter happened over the weekend, which you can check out in the embed below.


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