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Final Fantasy 14's Next Expansion Is Called Dawntrail, And It's Coming Summer 2024

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The next Final Fantasy 14 expansion was revealed today during Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival 2023. Called Dawntrail, the next expansion comes next year in the summer of 2024.

The trailer itself showcased the Warrior of Light sailing the high seas, fighting giant monsters, and more - even sporting what looked like a new hairdo. Cameos from the various Scions were shown in a new jungle setting, with art and architecture looking inspired by old Mayan ruins. 

As detailed over on our live blog, Dawntrail will take players to an all-new continent in the world of Final Fantasy 14. The Warriors of Light will be traveling to Tural,  a continent clearly inspired by the Yucatan peninsula here in North America. With the new tribe, the Pelupelu being master crafters of Mezcal, and art and architecture inspired by Mayan/Aztec ruins, the MMO is taking the idea of journeying to the New World literally.

The new player hub, Tuliyollal, is much different than the other hubs in FFXIV. Less industrialized compared to places like Old Sharlayan or The Crystarium, the new city will see its inhabitants living much closer with nature. Also, Yoshi-P mentions that the new hub will be more diverse than previous hub cities.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail will also feature new classes, two in fact. RIP the Duty Queues as they will both be DPS classes: a melee and a caster DPS. This also marks a clear break from the cosmic storytelling from 1.0 all the way through Endwalker, with the story of Dawntrail being completely separate from the Zodiark/Hydaelyn arc.

You can catch all the details on our live blog where we covered the Keynote.


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