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Final Fantasy 14's Naoki Yoshida Talks About The Death Of Beserk Creator Kentaro Miura, Player Tributes In New Interview

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Final Fantasy 14, and many games in today's industry, would not be the same without the work of Beserk's Kentaro Miura, who passed away this month at the age of 54. Naoki Yoshida, in a recent interview, talked about Miura and his influence, as well as praising player tributes which have popped up all over FFXIV since the news of Miura's passing.

Beserk, and Miura's art has had a lasting impact on games all across the spectrum, from influencing Final Fantasy VII's Buster Sword to Dark Souls, even touching the MMO-space with the Dark Knight design in FFXIV drawing from the works. PC Gamer recently talked to FFXIV's director Naoki Yoshida about the passing of Miura, as well as the tributes from players pouring in over the week.

"It's unfathomable just how much influence he has had on everybody," Yoshida told PC Gamer's Steven Messner. "It's such an unfortunate loss."

Yoshida talked about the influences in any game he has been a part of, specifically talking about the Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 14, as well as how Beserk became a "tried and true method for communicating a mood and style fo some FF14 cutscenes." 

Yoshida also praised fans, telling players "thank you" for the tributes to Miura in the wake of his passing, stating that the tributes "show how much people have received from Me. Miura and his artwork."

The tributes have poured in from fans all around FFXIV's community, with players standing vigil in their Dark Knight gear across Eorzea. So many players have joined these memorials to Miura that the server struggled to load quickly in spots thanks to the congestion of players.


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