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Final Fantasy 14's Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off With Tales From The Dawn Stories

First one about The Watcher

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy 14 is celebrating nine years, and to kick off things Square Enix is releasing a short story series all about the people who inhabit the MMO world. Tales from the Dawn starts its story off with a familiar character: The Watcher.

If you're like me and somehow haven't finished Endwalker just yet, you might want to avoid these stories as they'll spoil some aspects of the FFXIV expansion's story. But the new story today kicks off what looks to be a four-part series of short stories to celebrate the anniversary.

The stories themselves will follow what Square Enix calls a "diverse cast of characters," with the first following the NPC character, The Watcher. It's nice too that you can toggle the gender of your Warrior of Light to tailor the story to your own personal journey in Endwalker and Final Fantasy 14 as a whole. 

Final Fantasy 14 is also celebrating the release of Patch 6.2, Buried Memory, most notably with the inclusion of the Island Sanctuary. The new feature is so popular that we're once again seeing the server congestion in numbers that reminds one of the great Final Fantasy XIV Player Rush of 2021 that saw the company suspend sales of the MMO to cope with the turnout. 


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