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Final Fantasy 14's 5.57 Patch Is Live, Bringing Endgame Grind Changes To Shadowbringers

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy 14 is in the homestretch towards its upcoming expansion, Endwalker, but that hasn't stopped Square Enix from releasing updates for the current Shadowbringers content. Today's patch, dubbed 5.57, sees some changes to the endgame grind currently in Shadowbringers, as well as some additional tweaks.

Patch 5.57 specifically sees timeworn artifacts from the Delubrum Reginae increased to three per run, meaning that the grind has effectively been shortened for those running the dungeon for your relic weapon grind. This is significant and should cut the time required for endgame players prepping for Endwalker to get their grinds done in plenty of time for the November release of the next expansion.

Additionally, the weekly limitation on Allagan tomestones has been increased from 450 to 900, though the maximum store of these tomestones has not been altered from the 2K cap. For those players whose home world server is congested, FFXIV just made it a little easier to visit another thanks to a toggle on the character selection screen. Players will be able to log into the aetheryte of their starting city on the new world, and if you're hoping to choose the destination world, unfortunately that is a bit limited at the moment. Square states that a destination world will be chosen for the player when using this option. However, it's a good way to jump into FFXIV when your home world is too congested to log into.

Final Fantasy 14 is gearing up for Endwalker, which takes players to the end of the current story arc that has run through the previous years of the MMO, and instead starts to kick off a new storyline. The MMO also takes players back to the Moon for the first time since Final Fantasy IV, as well as sees the release of two new classes: the melee DPS Reaper and the healing Sage. If you're hoping to learn more info, you won't have too long to way as the next Letter from the Producer LIVE is set for July 9th.


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