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Final Fantasy 14 Updates Its Patch 5.5 Special Site, Talks Open Beta For PS5

Coming April 13th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy 14 is gearing up for the next patch in the MMO's story leading to the release of Endwalker later this year. The special site breaking down what players can expect to find in the upcoming patch has been updated today, this time bringing some information for interested PS5 owners.

Patch 5.5, named Death Unto Dawn, will be hitting on April 13th, which lines up with the same day we can start to see the open beta for PS5 players roll out. The Special Site for FFXIV's next patch breaks down some information about the upcoming beta, citing that it's bringing full 4K support, as well as the improved loading times and framerates touted during the announcement earlier this year.

The new update to the site also shows a glimpse at the fight with Diamond Weapon in Final Fantasy 14, as well as the celebrations in Ishgard with the completion of the Risensong Quarter. 

Final Fantasy 14 is heading into 5.5 on its way towards the release of its next expansion later this year, Endwalker. The next expansion sees players travel to the moon, as well as releases a new support class, the healer Sage. Victoria, one of our resident FFXIV experts, recently broke down what players could expect to see from 5.5, as well wrote about those crazy commercials you might have seen in recent weeks and how it's simply art imitating real life.

For those interested in the upcoming Fan Festival, Square Enix also recently provided some updates to that page as well, as it will be more than just a simple streamed event. FFXIV will be hosting a bevy of events to earn digital goodies. While all stage events will be streamed online, players will be able to take part in digital events like the Canals of Uznair Challenge, or make homemade versions of food found around Eorzea.


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