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Final Fantasy 14 Talks Expansion Of North American Servers Which Is Coming November 1st

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy XIV is setting the stage for its expansion of the North American servers upcoming next month, and a new post on the official website talks briefly about what this means for players.

Originally announced back in January, we found out more details about this expansion during the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE last week, mostly the timing of the expansion, but a new post on the Final Fantasy XIV website talks a bit about what this entails. 

Square Enix revealed that this was originally meant to take place last month, but the equipment itself was delayed. As such, the new expansion is set for November 1st at the same time as the Patch 6.28 maintenance taking place the same day.

However, players will be pretty excited to hear that the new data center expansion will give four new worlds to choose from: Halicarnassus, Maduin, Marilith, and Seraph. However, for most players the juicy news will be that housing lotteries for residential districts will begin shortly after on November 5th, giving those players who transfer or create new characters a chance to finally own some land in FFXIV.  Victoria, our resident FFXIV expert, finally got an estate of their own, and as a result they finally get why it's such a big deal.


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