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Final Fantasy 14: Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida Details Upcoming Endwalker Features in Q&A

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Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida took some time to answer some questions on the official Playstation Blog, about the upcoming expansion for FFXIV, titled Endwalker. The Q&A covered some aspects of the previously announced Reaper job, some of the music headed to Endwalker, and some new raid content for players to look forward to.

For fans looking forward to the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, the release is right around the corner, and with the inclusion of two new jobs, the Reaper and the Sage, there is a lot to get excited about. Yoshida started the Q&A with some details related to how the Reaper will play, and the thought process in creating the stylish new job:

Many players around the world, especially those from the West, had been requesting the addition of a job that uses a large, two-handed scythe—we used the idea of a two-handed scythe weapon as a base, and started brainstorming ideas for new jobs from there. I asked several game designers who are involved in the creation of new jobs to take some liberties and submit their ideas—we discussed those ideas to make our decision.

…The major difference between Reaper and the other melee DPS jobs is its use of voidsent “avatars,” which came up during our brainstorm sessions as we discussed the grim reaper idea. The player will not just attack using the avatar, but in the end, you can serve as the host for the avatar, in order to unleash more attacks. For the rest… stay tuned!

-Naoki Yoshida, Director and Producer, Final Fantasy 14

The Reaper was just one of the several topics covered in the Q&A. Yoshida delved into the distinct and unique audio tracks that set Endwalker apart from other games, which included a detailed account of what they were looking for when they collaborated with Sam Carter for the main theme:

We were looking for someone who not only had great vocal range that could reach high notes loudly and clearly, but also someone who could achieve screaming vocals. We conveyed this vision to the FFXIV teams in the US and Europe and asked them if they could find a good fit—Sam was one of the candidates suggested by the overseas teams. We loved his sound and reached out to him shortly after, to which he responded very quickly to agree to take part in the project; from there we worked on recording the vocals, which was done remotely

-Naoki Yoshida, Director and Producer, Final Fantasy 14

Yoshida also spoke on the addition of the Male Viera and Female Hrothgar races, and his decision to add them after distinctly planning on not adding more races after Shadowbringers. The Male Viera that is headed to the game in Endwalker is all thanks to the additional work done by the graphics team, as they went the extra mile to find a way to add the new race in their free time, when they were finished with their normal workload. Yoshida also touched on the 24-man raid headed to the game, Myths of the Realm, which will be an original raid within the FFXIV story, unlike the two previous NieR collaborative raids.

Of course, we would love to consider other exhilarating crossovers with other titles down the line, but for now, we want to push the limits of our experiences and ideas to create this new alliance raid.

-Naoki Yoshida, Director and Producer, Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will release November 23rd, 2021 and will be available on PC and PlayStation 4/5.


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