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Final Fantasy 14 Player Cosplays As Todd Howard, Gives Away Copies Of Oblivion

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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An in-game convention in Final Fantasy 14 saw a familiar face appear as an attendee: Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard. Now before you get too excited, this wasn't the real Todd Howard, but an incredibly well-made cosplay in-game by  player who decided to have a bit of fun during LunarCon last weekend.

The player in question created a rather strikingly good in-game resemblance to the game creator and went around LunarCon handing out copies of Oblivion. Well, in-game items called Faded Copies of Oblivion. But the joke still lands. As pointed out by Twitter user mirihawke (via Destructoid), the player took to the festival and was giving out the jukebox scrolls as part of the joke. The only thing that would make it better is if they figured out a way to re-release Skyrim in FFXIV.

This doesn't seem to be the first time FFXIV Todd Howard has come out and cosplayed as the gaming executive. Another user stated that the player traded them a mudcrab, which they still have. Another joked that because the item itself is a "faded copy," it's an older version of the complete Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Thus, fake Todd Howard handed them an "elder scroll."

Final Fantasy 14 is seeing a surge in popularity thanks to a variety of factors, from apathy towards the latest World of Warcraft update to the sheer nature of the free trial on offer which allows players to effectively level to 60 and see a large swathe of the game early on. However, antics like this might continue to point players in the direction of FFXIV for quite some time.

Featured Image: Mirihawke/Twitter


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