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Final Fantasy 14 Community Team Shows Off Some Of The Quality Of Life Changes Coming With Patch 5.5

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you're looking for quality of life updates in the next patch for Final Fantasy 14, the community team has you covered. In their latest blog post the team showcased some of the changes players can expect to see with next week's update.

First up was the achievements menu getting a revamp. Now instead of needing to grab your achievement rewards from Jonathas in Gridania, the team is moving those to the achievements menu itself, saving players time in the long run. 

The in-game card game, Triple Triad is seeing some updates too to the rules, allowing players to use more of their rare cards per deck. This is the result of feedback from players who wanted to be able to use more of their rare cards collected. 

"Up until now, you could only use one ?4 or ?5 rarity card in your deck. We've heard your feedback and we agree that it'd be nice to have more opportunities to use more of the rare cards you've collected"

Now players can use two four-star cards, and cards of three star or less have no limit on them. Five star rarity cards still are limited to just one per deck.

Changes are also coming to the finish mini-game, with players being able to preselect the types of fish they want to automatically throw back after catching. This way players won't accidentally put their rods away while fishing, requiring a build up of the release targets. A new menu will be added to allow players to select which fish they want to throw back in Final Fantasy 14 and for those types you haven't caught yet, there is no worry of automatically releasing on the first catch.

The emote list is also getting a revamp with Death Unto Dawn when it releases next week. A search feature is being added to the menu allowing players to easily find the emote they were looking for, as well as adding a green icon for those emotes recently collected.

You can check out the full details on the Final Fantasy 14 developer's blog. Recently Victoria dove into how the FFXIV RP community is using Carrd to express their creativity.


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