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Final Fantasy 14 Adds Patch 5.55 Today, Its Final Story Patch Before Endwalker Later This Year

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Final Fantasy 14s Shadowbringers story is coming to a close soon with Endwalker on the horizon, and today players can start to dive into the last story patch before the next expansion.

Patch 5.55 has launched today, bringing with it the conclusion of Shadowbringers, as well as more content for its YoRHA and Save the Queen questlines. Additionally, today the Playstation 5 version is "officially" released following its beta period which started last month.

According to Square Enix, Patch 5.55's Main Scenario, Part II "sets the stage for the upcoming expansion in grand fashion," as it ushers the story into the next era of FFXIV. For those players looking for content for the Save the Queen questline, a new field area, called Zadnor, has been added, as well a new piece of battle content for up to 48 players. 

The PlayStation 5 version is "officially" out today, bringing with it features such as improved framerate, faster loading, 4K resolution, and more. Players who have FFXIV on PLayStation 4 can upgrade their versions on PS5 at no cost, and new players can jump into the action using a free trial before purchasing the new upgraded version.

If you've not played Final Fantasy 14 and are keen to start before Endwalker releases on November 23rd, now might be a good time to jump on it. Square Enix is running a sale from now through June 9th, giving players on both the Square Enix and PlayStation stores 60% off both Shadowbringers and the Complete Edition of FFXIV. 

Endwalker, which is coming on November 23rd this year, continues the Final Fantasy 14 story, as well as starts to set out on its own, conclusing the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story being told throughout the MMOs life. Additionally, two new jobs were announced with Endwalker, the melee DPS Reaper and another healing class, the Sage. You can check out our coverage from the Digital FanFest, which took place earlier this month, here.


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