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Final Episode of Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 1, Battle for Lion's Arch, is Coming Next Week

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Guild Wars 2 is preparing to bring Living World Season 1 to a big conclusion with the release of “Battle for Lion's Arch”, the fifth and final episode of the season. This will be out next week, with some needed changes, and ArenaNet is giving some details on what to expect for the culmination of the content.

The last episode will be out next week on November 8th, with more info and full notes on that day. As the final episode of this now-repeatable series of episodes that take Guild Wars 2 players back to content that had been unavailable since 2013-2014, be prepared to go big. And now, you’ll be able to take on the content now and whenever you want to.

Of course, because this is an episodic return and content that will continue to be available to all players, there had to be some changes.

There’s a new Strike Mission, something that has been added with all previous episodes, so you should expect this and both new achievements, old ones able to be completed again, and more. This new Strike Mission: Old Lion’s Court lets you group up and challenge the Watchknight Triumvirate in the ruins of Old Lion’s Arch.

The actual battle for Lion's Arch will now be an instanced encounter you can play by joining a public instance or starting a private one. With a public instance, you can gather alongside others in a similar way to the original huge public event that let players band together to save the city from Scarlet Briar’s invasion.

You can take this on with up to 50 players in a public instance or you can create private instances in order to bring an end to Scarlet Briar’s missions and her plans with a group of your choice.

See the announcement over at Guild Wars 2.


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