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Fight to Stop the Demon Army in Swords of Legends Online's Newest Raid, Langquan Bridge

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Swords of Legends Online is continuing to expand The Firestone Legacy, with the addition of a brand new raid: Langquan Bridge. The new raid arrives today in easy and normal modes, along with a few other changes in the update, including the Raid Expedition.

Langquan Bridge is the connection to to the Heavenly Gate Labyrinth, and it has a long history of being broken and reforged, fought over, and conquered over and over. Since the bridge is leading to the immortal realm, there’s always conflict. Now it’s your turn to take on the demon army blocking the Qin League and attempting to break into the walls of Langquan.

The brand new raid will reset weekly, with Normal mode live today with the update, and Easy mode coming on Sunday. Each of them will reset on those days. As with the other raids in SOLO, this mode doesn't drop progression items but is basically a training ground for you to get a feel for the bosses. Easy mode has a recommended item level of 165 and you'll be able to score some collectibles, pet items, and gold for making your way through. With Normal mode unlocking first, you can go take on that challenge if you’re prepared for it, with a recommended item level of 175 and no automatic matchmaking available.

So what can you walk away with if you’re victorious? Normal mode will drop level 180 Gear, Runestone II for PVE, Talisman II recipes, crafting recipes, and materials. But in order to get there, you'll have to take on a series of challenging new bosses. 

The bridge’s frontline protector is a stone spirit golem called  the Paiyun Guardian. Its one job is to guard the bridge. The Blackstone Destroyer is a combined bear demon and one of the troops of the Blackstone. This created an incredibly strong warrior, not to be underestimated. Blightbeast is a powerful beast summoned by Meijia to guard the demon army and shield it from opposition as it makes its way into Langquan. Expect it to be blocking the road and guarding the army fiercely and take them on. And finally, if you make it through, you’ll face Haocang, along with his forces. He has led the invasion efforts. He’s also responsible for capturing and experimenting on members of the Qin League that had already tried to stop him and the invasion. 

Also in the new update is a Raid Expedition, which involves taking on the easy mode of the new raid and beating the last boss to clear this weekly quest. There’s also a world boss added to the Langquan Bridge: Cloudscape Zone to be a target for weekly quests. Storyline quests have also been adjusted.

For the full details, see the patch notes for the update for this new Swords of Legends Online raid.


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