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Fight for the Motherland Event Scheduled for Console Players

Catherine Daro Posted:
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For the first time ever, World of Tanks XBox One, PlayStation 4 and XBox 360 users will be able to partake in a special in-game event called Fight for the Motherland. Successful completion of each operation will see players earn the Motherland Premium Tier VIII Medium tank that is based on the historic T-54 First Prototype. The event will kick off on May 31st.

Players will earn rewards after completing each operation in the “Fight for the Motherland” series of chained ops leading up to the Motherland Tank along with a bonus operation “Motherland Unleashed” once the tank is acquired. During the event, World of Tanks will also offer historical PvE skirmishes based on the battles of Prokhorovka and Caucasus, along with two new maps Ghost Town and Mountain Pass (Summer), and a massive 7-vs-7 Tier VIII tournament.

Learn more of the details by heading over to the World of Tanks console site.


Catherine Daro