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'Fight for the Future' PvP Mode in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Will Let Kingdoms Battle for Server Power

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It’s time to “Fight for the Throne” in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds in the latest update, which brings new modes, introduces pets, new rewards, and events.

Familiars, creatures that accompany you on your adventures and help you out by fighting with you are key to the main gameplay. Yet, now there are pets  in the mix with this update. Pets, unlike familiars, just provide some pet equip effects.

This big update also introduces the Fight for the Throne PvP event, which will see players join the battle and take sides as four kingdoms battle to earn the Capital Kingdom designation. Prospective participant kingdoms level 11+ will have to bid for participation and the top four will take part in the battle. 

They’ll do so by working to bring the dragon at the center of the mode to their base. That’s not all, as there is a certain score to hit and three opponent kingdoms at any given time. One kingdom’s army will win and earn the Capital Kingdom title on the server. Players will get rewards for victory, including a special skin and costume. The event and capital designation will hold until the following reset. 

There’s more to being declared the capital than just skins. While your reign lasts, you’ll have some policy rights on the server, making decisions on how (or which) policies are enforced, along with other benefits.

There are some new events with the patch, including an opening event for Fight for the Throne, where you can cheer on a kingdom for a reward chest. There are also new Capital Kingdom-related daily event quests and there’s a cooking competition event where you can earn a new familiar, Sore Boar. 

The big update also brings a solo training mode, where you can test your skills. You can now also create accounts directly for the PC version. 

For more on the update, head over to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.


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