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FIght COVID-19 By Playing EVE Online

A new phase of Citizen Science initiative Project Discovery

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Today, CCP Games in conjunction with Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) have announced the third phase of their Project Discovery initiative, which will have players engage in a mini-game within EVE Online to help scientists fight COVID-19.

Players in EVE Online can help with Project Discovery through a mini-game in which they use a tracing tool to mark groups of cells. Project Discovery's results will help to understand the immune system's response to COVID-19, in collaboration with scientists from McGill University, BC Cancer, and front-line COVID-19 clinicians. Players who participate in the mini-game will see rewards in the form of in-game content. There is a detailed in-game tutorial for Project Discovery available when players log into EVE Online.

There will be a special stream on CCP's Twitch channel today at 19:00 UTC (12:00pm PDT/ 3:00pm EST). Players can track progress updates from the team at the School of Computer Science at McGill University's website. And in other EVE Online news, players recently elected a new Stellar Management Council and CCP recently dived into the tech behind EVE Online.


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