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Fiery Elder Scrolls Online Blog Examines Dragons in Elsweyr

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Dragons in Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming Elsweyr expansion are a fiery lot and the latest site blog takes a look at their design. Up to their release in Elsweyr, dragons in Tamriel were the stuff of legends and considered extremely rare in the Second Era. The blog details the creation of these new creatures that "represent an unusual challenge, not least because they already played such a massive part in the Elder Scrolls series".

The post provides several cool pieces of information, not the least of which is that dragons "speak fire":

“Dragons in The Elder Scrolls aren’t just winged lizards—they’re highly intelligent creatures with a language and a culture that many believe stretches back to the dawn of time,” explains Tuttle. “Their unique feature is probably their association with words and time. For Dragons, language and power are intimately linked. They don’t just breathe fire. They speak fire, willing it into existence. That kind of magical agency is really, really cool.”

Other snippets of information include:

  • the team reached out to Bethesda Game Studios for tech information about Skyrim's dragons
  • dragons will have unique looks thanks to "snap together" modeling to mix and match different body parts such as wings, horns, heads, and colors
  • dragons have unique flying pathing options and will exude "massive" when they are seen -- ramping up speed, slowing before stopping and changing direction slowly
  • dragon weapons include "claws, teeth, wings, tail and breath attacks"

Check out the full post on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


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