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FFXIV's Pre-Dawntrail Road Map Includes 48-Hour Maintenance, Yo-kai Watch and Dragon Quest Events

The long road ahead may fly by quicker with these events

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Even before Dawntrail, Final Fantasy 14 has a lot of fun coming, as unveiled during a Letter from the Producer Live last night. We’ve got five different in-game events, including two returning crossover events and a Gold Saucer favorite, plus two more Live Letters, a Treasure Trove, and the arrival of the media tour.  

Most importantly for all players, the maintenance before Dawntrail will be a stunning 48 hours before the “early access” for the new expansion begins. The team explains that the actual maintenance, somehow, isn’t actually particularly bad this time around, despite the huge graphical update bumping up PC requirements. However, the mandatory update is massive, with the new game’s requirements clocking in at 140GB of storage; therefore, the maintenance duration is to give players a fair amount of time to download the game’s new assets. 

But that’s a problem for over two months from now. Until then, they’re giving us plenty of events, both standard and not so much, to tide us over. 

Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV Dawntrail Event Calendar

Right now, we’re still in the midst of the big Final Fantasy 16 crossover, which introduces players to the protagonist Clive (and apparently spoils a major story beat?). Players can earn Clive’s armor and both minion and mount versions of Torgal until the event ends on May 8th. 

If that’s already wrapped up for you and you want something else for your aching fingers, the Yo-Kai Watch Collaboration Event makes its big comeback on April 24th. Players can earn Medallions to earn cool weapons, minions, a mount, and even a new skin for Adventurer Plates, and it goes right until Dawntrail itself releases, on June 29th. 

Then, the final Moogle Treasure Trove of Endwalker begins, which is the standard event that happens until a new major patch approaches. This seems largely to encourage players to return and catch up on content, which will be much appreciated so that enthusiastic Warriors of Light can jump right into Dawntrail. This time, the details are given in a Progression Log, so keep your eye out for that On May 14th. 

Also making an appearance early this year is the Make It Rain campaign featuring the Golden Saucer. Each year brings a goofy little emote or outfit, plus a ton of MGP bonuses for playing its variety of games, so it’s definitely worth looking forward to (if only to save up for future FF15 events). 

On May 15th, the big Media Tour begins, including a Letter from the Producer Life on May 16th. There’ll be two international stops, in LA and near Berlin, where, in the past, creators and outlets can try bits of Dawntrail and give impressions before the proper release. It’ll wrap up on May 30th, and we should expect to see content around or after that date depending on embargos. After that, there’ll be one last Live Letter, two weeks before release on June 15th. 

Finally, the Dragon Quest X collab returns on June 5th, featuring the infamous King Slime headpiece. It’ll be the shortest of the in-game events, lasting just over two weeks, until June 20th. 

This all culminates, of course, with the 48-hour maintenance starting June 26th, right into the big Dawntrail Early Access update on June 28th, letting players who pre-ordered dive into the game first. This period ends July 2nd for the official release, when those who bought the game after a certain “late” point are welcome to join. 

There’s a lot to look forward to until the hotly-anticipated Dawntrail, which has a massive graphics update, two new classes, and even new blacklist options that were announced last night. 

Is there anything you’re going to hop in to try before the expansion? 


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