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FFXIV Xbox Players Allegedly Banned for Free Company Advertising

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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It’s been an interesting start to Final Fantasy XIV’s life on Xbox, as players have been reporting bans for simply advertising their Free Company to recruit other players.

Now, one would think that Microsoft would have had enough backlash in regard to Final Fantasy XIV issues ringing out on Xbox, but maybe not, as they seem to be throwing around even more bans willy-nilly. The act of advertising and recruiting to Free Companies in the game is standard practice and nothing new to the fans. That is indeed how most people find friends to join in on the fun within their guilds. 

In a recent Reddit thread (via TheGamer), there have been some instances of players being banned for solicitation in the looking for group tool through Xbox. Though Xbox typically handles spam and explicit content heavily, it's interesting that Free Company recruit ads are now being recognized as solicitation. 

Other players immediately direct the original poster to Square Enix for a fix, as one can only assume that the developers wouldn’t want this to become the “norm” for those attempting to bring more people to their games and guilds. It is also made very clear that none of the bans are coming from Square Enix themselves, only Microsoft. 

Another interesting thread notes that some players are noticing that certain words are being censored for seemingly no reason, such as “Harvest” and “Night”.

Final Fantasy XIV just recently went live on Xbox on March 21st, and launched a new exclusive currency that is necessary for Xbox players to make purchases. This is all just in time for the upcoming expansion, Dawntrail, which launches on July 2nd.


Sam Plaisance