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FFXIV Experiences Server Congestion As Server Transfers Are Re-Enabled

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Yesterday, Final Fantasy XIV went back on sale for the first time in weeks as well as a new data center. Additionally, server transfers are open, though as a result the Square Enix team cautioned to players that they are experiencing high volume as a result.

While the first step towards increasing server capacity worldwide this year, the new data center in Oceania the new data center brought five new servers for players to jump into. The fact that free transfers are being offered as well as an XP bonus to players who transfer has seen the process congested with hopefully adventurers eager to dive into the MMO in the new region.

Square Enix cautioned that while transfers themselves are operating as normal, the demand is resulting in higher volume and congestion to the service. This means that requests could take a little longer to process and the team cautioned patience for transferring players.

"Also, please note that the time between the application and completion of the Home World Transfer will take longer than usual. However, the system is operating normally, and we are processing the applications sequentially, so we ask for your patience until the process is completed. Once your application is processed, an email will be sent to the registered email address to your Square Enix account. If you login before the process is complete, the process will result in an error and may require more time to complete. Therefore, please refrain from logging with the character you applied for until you have received the email notice."

The post also goes on to remind transferring players that in order to process the transfer they need to have visited the Home World data center they are transferring to at least once. Otherwise the transfer request will end in an error.

Final Fantasy XIV has seen a rush of players since mid-2021, seeing record numbers of players hopping into the MMO causing long queues. As a result, Square Enix has pulled the game from sale twice in the last year, even suspending the incredibly generous - and memeable - free trial until further notice. This was exacerbated as the latest expansion, Endwalker, released late last year to near universal acclaim.


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