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Feiyu-Tech Announces Small, Powerful 4-in-1 Gimbal: G6 MAX

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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Back in August, we took a look at our very first gimbal here at MMORPG.com with the Feiyu-Tech AK4500. It was big and glorious but definitely overkill for casual content creators and family video-makers. Today, the company announced their small yet powerful G6 Max, a gimbal that can adapt to smartphones, action cams, point and shoots, and even mirrorless cameras with lenses.

The G6 Max is being targeted at younger people on the go and interested in making great videos for YouTube or social media. We currently have one in-house for testing and its size makes it much easier to take on the go. It’s lightweight at only 1.5lbs but is able to support up to 2.6lbs in weight, so should be more than enough for most mirrorless cameras even when sporting a good-sized lens.

If you’ve never used a gimbal before, the basic idea is that it holds your camera or phone so that all of your movements are much smoother than what you could accomplish handheld.  The gif above should give you a good idea of how it functions.

Having come from the flagship AK4500, what really strikes me is how similar the two gimbals actually are. The G6 Max includes a similar OLED as well as the excellent control wheel on the left side. You also get staple modes for full-follow, pan follow, inception (which rotates like the classic scene from the movie), and hunting mode.

Other key features include axis locks for easy balancing and storage for traveling, quick release mounting to attach/release your camera in a hurry, motion time-lapse and self-timer modes (9 modes total), Bluetooth control from your smartphone and WiFi/cable control to for your camera, splash resistance, and a long 9-hour battery life.

While no gimbal will be core for streamers and gamers, it’s a darn cool piece of tech that’s great for anyone who posts to social media even in a casual sense. The Feiyu-Tech G6 Max will retail for $279 and as the flagship in the G6 line-up. Find out more on the official page.


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