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Feelin' The Strain

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Carbine has deployed the first major content update for WildStar with today's drop of The Strain. The content expansion brings a new high-level zone, upgrades to housing, new mounts, a brand new mini-dungeon and more to WildStar.

Strain Infected Customization:

  • Housing Décor Items: New items are available for player housing! Make your home stylishly disgusting with more than 12 Strain-infected housing items, oozing with pustules, boils, tentacles and eyeballs.
  • Customization Items: Players can dress characters from head to toe in infected Strain armor, plus tailor the armor with a new array of Strain-themed colors, like Corruption Purple and Ichorous Orange.
  • Mounts: Cruise the badlands on your new Hoverboard, tricked out Strain-style with cankers, fangs, and grotesque eyeballs. Player can also pimp other mounts with a toxic cornucopia of Strain-infected accessories.

Grab all of the details on the WildStar site.


Suzie Ford

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