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Federation Grand Prix Returns to EVE Online with New Monuments

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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CCP Games is celebrating Federation Day in EVE Online all day tomorrow, March 11, with the return of the Federation Grand Prix. Here’s what’s in store.

Previous Federation Grand Prix have seen you race around various iconic sites in EVE Online including systems and space wrecks. You compete for best time and will be rewarded for various milestones you reach. Each time you race, you’ll do so on a new course.

As the event concludes, CCP will share some monuments meant to celebrate players and events throughout the history of EVE Online. New monuments this year include the Statue of Chribba which pays tribute to, “one of the most celebrated, trusted, and respected,” players in EVE Online.

There will also be an Alliance Tournament Monument. This one is meant to honor the “scale and tenacity” of combat. Finally, CCP will unveil the Project Discover Phase Two Monument. This one commemorates all the time the community has poured into helping scientists discover various exoplanets, fighting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and more.


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