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Fantasy Typing Adventure RPG Nanotale Hits Steam Early Access October 23

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A “fantasy typing adventure” RPG, Nanotale, is set to hit Steam Early Access this October 23.

Announced via press release, Nanotale, “tells a fascinating story of a world on the brink of destruction as the heart of magic pumps its last beats. Players take on the role of novice Archivist, Rosalind, who sets out on a journey to the magical valley to collect plant and rock samples as well as catalog mysterious occurrences in an attempt to unravel the secrets surrounding the looming demise of Earth.”

Bruno Urbain, CEO of developer Fishing Cactus espoused his excitement for the release of the game,

“We are so glad to be bringing another addition to the Typing Chronicles franchise. The typing mechanic gives players a unique way to experience this adventure-action RPG hybrid. Fans of Epistory will appreciate how Nanotale plays on the strength of its predecessor and new players will soon realise how addictive typing your way through hordes of enemies is.”


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