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Fan Site VIP Event (Part III)

Craig McGregor Posted:
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For those of you that have been closely following our exclusive coverage of the "EverQuest II Fan Site VIP Event" that was held last weekend...you will be pleased to know that we have released the third of five installments in the series.  This one is all about tradeskills!  Here is a snippet:

You commented on how Boss mobs will be dropping recipes, are these recipes going to be Boss specific? And furthermore is there the chance of the Boss dropping materials like for example a Dragon dropping a block of Mithril specific only to that Dragon and you can use that Mithril block to craft certain different things that will have certain different properties? Such as a Mithril Tunic that is strong in this property versus a pair of Mithril Leggings that are strong in another property.

Yes, for item balancing we have spread it out so that certain pieces have certain properties associated to them. For example Breastplates might give Strength and Stamina more than Intelligence or Wisdom. The rarer the item you get the more times it will break that mold. It will still be primarily Strength and Stamina, but you might also see one Intelligence or Wisdom off of it. The higher that you go the more limiting we will be. The really high armor with the really good stats and stuff like that will be on the rarer bosses in the high end zones. But other NPCs of a high enough level in that same zone will also have a chance to drop that same item. We want to stay away from forcing people to camp a specific mob or Boss to get the one thing that they need. By spreading the chance of it dropping out to more things in the zone it tends to alleviate that Boss camping.

To read the full preview, just follow this link!


Craig McGregor