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Fan Site VIP Event (Part II)

Craig McGregor Posted:
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We are proud to release the second of five installments in our exclusive coverage of the EverQuest II Fan Site VIP Event that was recently held in San Diego, CA.  This latest addition covers the magic system in the game.  Here is a snippet:

With the expansion will you be adding more stuff to the lower levels, more content, or will you just keep concentrating on the next tier?

I can't really speak for content but as far as spells go the idea is that we're hoping that what we release with is what we're expecting your baseline toolset to be. We may add some things, but they probably won't be major things. If we release an expansion that does X, then it will be for that specific content. For example if we release new spells that let you fly, we probably won't throw low level stuff back in at the very bottom to let you fly too. It will probably be something specific to that area or that encounter. Because what tends to happen, at least in my experience with games, is whenever you affect what you've already done that is fairly stable and good, I guess predictable would be the word, throwing stuff back into the bottom tends to throw stuff out of whack. You can't really fly in Nectulos because it has never been built to fly in, so we really don't want you to fly there. So we would probably make sure we wouldn't throw things back in and do things like that.

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Craig McGregor