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Fan Petition Convinces Bethesda to Immortalize 'Skyrim Granny' in Elder Scrolls 6

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This is no joke, folks. Bethesda has announced that 82-year-old Shirley "Skyrim Granny" Curry will be immortalized in Elder Scrolls 6. Curry is a prolific and experienced Skyrim player and streamer who was the subject of a petition by fans to see her included in the upcoming game. Over 50,000 signatures were collected and that got the attention of Bethesda's Todd Howard. "She will be immortalized in the game". The video for the series' 25th anniversary shows Curry visiting the studio.

"This means a lot to me, as I would be extremely happy to know someone else was playing with my character in a future Elder Scrolls game," Curry said. 

The petition was organized after Curry lamented that she might never get to play ES6 as it wouldn't be out for six plus years and that, at 88, she might not be up to the task. Fans of her YouTube channel set up the petition to ensure that, no matter what, Curry will have her place in the series' history.

You can see Shirley at the Bethesda offices starting at the 10:17 mark in the video below.

Such happy news for a Monday morning!


Suzie Ford

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